Sick of losing billable hours? Get Slog Painless time-tracking for busy teams

Time-tracking for the real world Where projects, deadlines & clients collide


When you’ve got a looming client deadline it’s easy to forget to track your time. And less time tracked often means less time billed.

Slog lets your team members choose the time-tracking method that works best for them, making it easier for them to ‘keep on tracking’ when things get busy. Which makes for accurate invoicing and a better bottom line. Yay!

Frictionless integration with the tools you already use

Integration slack
available at launch
Integration github
coming soon
Integration salesforce
coming soon
Integration json
byo integration for developers

Functionality you’ll love whatever type of slogger you are

The creative
The creative

Creatives love slog because it integrates with the tools they use every day, which makes tracking time less of a downer on your creative mojo.

Bottom line:
Super-easy and hipster approved time tracking for creatives

The office manager
The office manager

Office managers love slog because it tells you what each team member has been working on – so you can burn through those weekly burndowns.

Bottom line:
Less time spent chasing team members for time sheets.

The bean counter
The finance person

Finance people love slog because they can be sure the invoices they send out are fair and accurate (and that there are far fewer unbilled hours).

Bottom line:
More transparency for your clients. Fewer unbilled hours for your team.

The big cheese

CEOs love slog because its makes it easy for them to see how their team are performing in real time (and over time) in an intuitive and graphical way.

Bottom line:
Less time monitoring your team. More time growing your business.

Get slog. We’ll be starting our private beta shortly; we’re recruiting test pilots now.

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